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6% VAT – moms -included for deliveries inside and outside Sweden.
For order to your address in Sweden:
Please pay the item from BOOKSTORE in SEK and add SEK 66 for packing and freight.
For order to your address outside Sweden:
Please pay the item from BOOKSTORE in EURO and add EURO 11 for packing and freight. Preferably pay as prepayment to my international account, Handelsbanken.
If more convenient for you, I will send your order to your postal address in accordance with the contact form or e-mail sent to me. I will then invoice per e-mail.
For deliveries of books to addresses outside the EU please note that import duties may be applied according to your country’s regulations.
Publisher Buencamino Bild & Bok.
Organisation no: 440520-0397 Registered for F-tax
Sweden, Swish 0737464478
Sweden, Bank Transfer Bg 161-0443
International account
IBAN: SE57 6000 0000 0000 5311 6909                      BIC: HANDSESS

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