Camino Mozárabe 2009

Camino Mozárabe – Via de la Plata 1/10 – 29/10

Daily stages, distances and accommodations.

The route from Granada to Mérida can be seen as a variant to the beginning of Via de la Plata. The Camino Mozárabe is four hundred kilometres long and follows the ancient routes. It runs in North West direction to Cordoba and follows generally “Ruta del Califato”, which runs in opposite direction. The route is described as hilly and isolated. After Córdoba the “past history” talks about wolves and bandits in the mountains ”Los Bandidos de Sierra Morena”.
There are no ”Albergues” for pilgrims along the route. However, there are open guesthouses in most large villages. The number of pilgrims at this route is few, probably not more than 50 per year. I saw no one. A bar owner said that he probably saw one a week ago! In October 2009, I walked to Mérida and further on from Salamanca to Zamora. From Zamora further up to Astorga on the French route and finally to Santiago de Compostela. The entire route became about 800 kilometres of totally 1130.
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