Camino Portugués 2010

Camino Portugués 19/4 – 10/5

Daily stages, distances and accommodations.

The route is marked from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela mainly following the original Roman road between Portugal and Spain. The military route from Astorga then continues east to France. The Camino Portugués is not frequently visited from Lisbon. However, from Porto the route is more popular and about 7 % walks from Porto to Santiago de Compostela. The entire route has a number of variants such as the Camino de Tejo from Lisbon to the Catholic well visited pilgrim Centre in Fatima. There are also variants north of Porto. Interesting history can be found in John Brierly’s very informative book: “A Pilgrim’s Guide to Camino Portugués”.
Actually, I started to walk from Lagos. I wanted to see the beautiful coast up to Lisbon. I could never imagine that the weather could be so bad in middle of April in Portugal. The first week, was cold, rainy and windy. When it became too wet, I chose to go by bus. However, the weather became better and better after Lisbon. Between Lisbon and Porto, the route passed through several eucalyptus forests. I lost the orientation from time to time, due to bad and of course difficult marking of the route on the eucalyptus trees. My impression is that the route is easy to walk with few heights. Shortly after Alvaiázere at most 470 meters above sea level. I walked totally 725 kilometres to Santiago de Compostela.
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